We are a Family Style Karate School

This is a classic/traditional style karate that was started in Okinawa long before it was Japan. We can trace back out lineage (teachers) back to the 1800’s. As time passed, Japan took over Okinawa and Karate became modern.

We are a family oriented Karate school in Welland, Ontario under the Seiwa Kai Canada organization. We are also JFK (Japanese Karate Federation) registered. There are multiple Karate Schools throughout the world that we are joined with under the instruction of Hanshi Fujiwara from Japan. (9th Dan black belt.)

Some information about the instructor…the sensei (teacher) Jennefer Driver. I have been studying the Martial Arts for approximately 28 years with a few breaks in between to have my own three children.  Currently I am a third Dan Black Belt in Goju Ryu registered in Japan and Canada, but I am stilling continuing my own training to acheive my next rank.

Studying the way of the Martial Arts has been of great value to myself as it has approved my way of life.  If has improved my confidence, study skills, academics, physical ability and how I see things in life.

I have also had the opportunity to train in other styles to expand my knowledge and skills. But the style of Goju Ryu where I have fell in love with and have now opened my own school (July 2015) to show others the way of the Martial Arts.

My goal for Tsuyoi Te is to bring the Martial Arts idea to everyone.  Whether you are young or old, just starting out or is already training, or a person with a disability, Martial Arts can be done by anyone.  If you have a goal of some sort or this is just in your heart wanting to learn, this is for you. Come try a class or two to see for yourself. We are here waiting to help you.

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